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Google Maps Wizard, where have you been all my life?

Not surprisingly, at a sailing magazine we do a lot of stories about travelling and sightseeing while being on a boat. Of late, I’ve been tasked to do a lot of location maps to go along with those articles, oftentimes very last minute. When trying to get a nice reference map, Google is pretty much […]

Homemade Lightbox – It’s like an early Christmas!

It’s amazing how one simple project over the course of a few days can make a HUGE difference. Not long ago I was browsing an online forum for nail art enthusiasts and came across a poster who had fantastic photos. I asked her how she made them look so great and she tipped me to […]

An Adventure in Photography With Onne Van Der Wal

Over the summer I had an amazing opportunity to accompany one of our editors on a photo excursion down in Newport, CT. The assignment was to cover a series of classes taught by Onne Van Der Wal, one of the most well known marine photographers in the industry. His “Workshops on the Water” has been […]

New Item – Livin’ the Dream

I think one of the  biggest lessons I learned taking Editorial Design in college was refining juxtaposition for photo-heavy layouts. That was a tough class, the teachers being key designers for the NY Times magazine, so it was pretty grilled into my head that the overall flow of a story’s images is important. That class […]

Here’s a twist – fall, and a fresh start.

After a few weeks of tweaking and feedback, I’ve finally settled on a design and theme both for the site and my resumé. I know it’s a long-time coming but the summer was adventurous and warm up here in Boston, so many a fine distraction was had. Now that autumn has descended upon us rather […]

Almost there – To Do List

The main galleries are up, finally, and functional. Next on the agenda: • Site Design • Completed Resume • Photo-retouching gallery Phew.

Photo Retouching

Added a photo retouching section to Photography! Sketchbook coming soon (as a category) for doodles and snapshots generally unworthy of portfolio. Sprucing up the design is planned as soon as the content and functionality are complete.